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*These are the most simplified process.



Step 12. Rough Polishing


The part that makes up the blade is roughly shaved by an electric grindstone.




Step 13. Polishing the Front


The upper part of the front side is polished.



Step 14. Main Polishing


The lower part of the front side is more precisely polished.




Step 15. Back Polishing


Looking down from the top, the left side is polished to a concave shape.



Step 16. Back Side Finishing Touches


The back side is polished down to a smooth shininess with a Whetstone.



Step 17. Front Side, Buffing, Wooden Polishing Finishing Touches


The blade is buffed using a spinning wooden polishing wheel.




Step 18. Back Side Wooden Polishing Finishing Touches


Further precise polishing is applied with a wooden polishing wheel.



Step 19. Front Side Metal Finishing Touches


The front side of the blade is minutely buffed to a mirror polish.




Step 20. Finishing touches and Attaching Handle


Adjust blade to its cutting form. Attach the handle, and make inscription on the blade.